Frequently Asked Questions

Who can lease?

Any company, organization or association can lease.

Why should I lease?

Leasing provides flexibility in managing your equipment acquisitions. Leasing allows you to structure equipment acquisitions to suit your time and payment needs, and may give you give you added tax benefits.

What kind of equipment can be leased?

Any equipment utilized by a business — new or used — can be leased.

How do I apply for a lease?

Contact Comm-Lease and we will forward a credit application and lease request form to be completed.

How long does it take for approval?

Once we receive all the necessary information, the credit decision is provided within 48 hours.

How is the monthly payment calculated?

The monthly payment is determined by a Lease Rate Factor; a periodic rental payment to a lessor for the use of assets.

How much must be paid up front?

Typically one to three payments are due up front, depending on the overall amount of the equipment being leased.